Terminus Transit: Larry's Failed Kidnapping Scheme

Monday 14 August 2023 By Studio KonKon

It was a sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom, my friends! Birds were chirping, flowers were blooming and Peach was prancing around her lovely castle in delight. Everything seemed peachy keen, if you pardon the pun. However, little did we know, lurking in the shadows, our notorious Koopaling, Larry, was plotting his mischievous plans.

Larry had somehow snuck his way into becoming the CEO of Public Transport in the Mushroom Kingdom. Imagine that! A troublemaker like him in charge of the nation's transportation system. It was like putting a Wiggler in charge of a greenhouse. Chaos was inevitable.

His grand plan was nothing short of outrageous. Larry believed that if he controlled the kingdom's public transport, he could make capturing Peach more convenient for Bowser. Imagine the audacity! Making Peach's kidnapping more efficient, all for the sake of saving Bowser's precious time.

Fear not, my friends, for the Mushroom Kingdom is no short of heroes. Who came to the rescue this time? Why, it was none other than yours truly, Mario and the ever-adventurous Toadette!

We were determined to stop Larry's fiendish plans so without further ado, I donned my trusty overalls, grabbed my cap and dashed off to save Peach once again.

* * *

With a sly grin on his face, Larry, the mischievous and slightly missguided Koopaling, twirled his fake moustache and concocted a fiendish plan to aid his father, Bowser, in kidnapping Princess Peach.

Larry's first step was to disguise the Koopa Troopas as bus drivers. Every passenger unsuspectingly hopped on the Koopa Troopas' buses, believing it was just another routine commute. Little did they know that their destination would be Bowser's castle instead of their intended stops.

However, Larry's plan had a twist — he had secretly recruited a troupe of Goombas to mimic passengers on the buses. These Goomba imposters would distract Mario and his trusty sidekick, Toadette, giving Larry the upper hand.

As the days passed, the Mushroom Kingdom grew stranger. Unusual bus routes popped up overnight and passengers unknowingly boarded them, only to find themselves in a once-hidden underground lair. Larry revelled in his deviousness, laughing uproariously as he celebrated his apparent triumph.

However, unbeknown to the Koopaling CEO, Mario and Toadette were not easily fooled. They had seen through Larry's plan from day one and were always one step ahead. To gather evidence against Larry's nefarious scheme, they disguised themselves as passengers and rode alongside the unsuspecting Goomba decoys.

During their undercover adventure, Mario and Toadette encountered all sorts of quirky passengers. A cranky Thwomp with travel sickness complained about the bumpy ride, while a rowdy Wiggler mistook the bus for a rollercoaster. Each bizarre encounter provided a humorous distraction from their true mission.

Finally, the decisive moment arrived. As the buses pulled into Bowser's castle, Larry eagerly awaited the arrival of Princess Peach. He paced back and forth, rehearsing his villainous monologues and imagining himself one step closer to ruling the Mushroom Kingdom.

Just as Larry was about to initiate his grand plan, the doors burst open, revealing Mario and Toadette disguised as passengers. Larry's fake moustache twitched nervously as his carefully constructed plan crumbled before his eyes.

With a swift leap, Mario heroically caught Peach just as she was being whisked away by Larry's Koopa Troopas. Toadette, armed with a sack of Super Mushrooms, jumped into action, making quick work of the unsuspecting decoy Goombas.

Caught off guard, Larry's dream of fame and glory quickly turned into a comical fiasco. He clung desperately to a chandelier, swinging and swaying in a futile attempt to escape from Mario's grip. Try as he might, Larry was no match for the dynamic duo.

In the end, Mario, Toadette and Peach emerged victorious, once again foiling the Koopaling's plans. Larry, drenched in defeat and humiliation, was promptly apprehended and sent to join his brother Morton in prison. As for the Mushroom Kingdom, it let out a collective sigh of relief, grateful for the constant vigilance of its determined defenders.

* * *

With that, my friends, the tale of Larry's exploits as the CEO extraordinaire of Public Transportation in the Mushroom Kingdom came to an end. All his secret plans, his dreams of streamlined kidnappings, were thwarted in an instant and Peach was returned safely to her castle.

It turns out that being a nefarious Koopaling isn't as grand as it seems. Don't worry; there will always be baddies with delusions of grandeur but with heroes like Mario and Toadette around, their plans will never stand a chance. On to the next adventure!

Studio KonKon
Composer, musician and educator