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Digitally Re-scored and rendered. Exported as individual tracks, mixed and mastered. Studio KonKon has a collection of Public Domain music reworked digitally that can be opened in modern notation software for editing, re-arranging and studying.

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Other than my profession in music, I also enjoy playing games. You may see me use スタジオコンコン or スタジオこんこん as it is shorter than StudioKonKon. Unfortunately, many services limit gamertags to about 8 or 10 characters and using these alternatives is the only way to keep my username.

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Why are flowers beautiful?

For whom does the flower bloom? It is for no one. A flower blooms only because it is a flower. It is only by fulfilling the role it has been given, in the environment it has been given, to the best of its ability, that it can pass on its life to the next generation.

Wherever you go, all you can do is hope. We, human beings, too, have a role to play in fulfilling the life we have been given. How much can come out of us? The beauty is in the single-mindedness with which we try to bloom.

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Why are flowers beautiful? They are beautiful, because they are blooming with only single-mindedness.

Jyuukichi Yagi

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Why are flowers beautiful?

For whom does the flower bloom? It is for no one. A flower blooms only because it is a flower. It is only by fulfilling the role... Continue Reading

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