C.H.E.E.P. Foods Koopa Company

Sunday 4 June 2023 By Studio KonKon

It's-a me, Mario! And boy, do I have a story for you today. Let's-a start at the beginning.

It-a began when the Mushroom Kingdom was in a bit of a pickle. Peach forbid any fishing in the kingdom's lakes and there just wasn't enough seafood to go around. Enter Morton, the CEO of C.H.E.E.P. Inc. He came in with his fancy suit and promised to provide cheap, affordable seafood to every citizen of the kingdom. It sounded too good to be true and guess what? It was!

Morton's tactics were cleverly disguised under the slogan "It's the Koopas' seafood processing plant. Affordable meals for everyone!". He had hired the best of the best to make sure that no one caught onto his plan.

Morton's company was nothing but a front for Bowser's evil plan to kidnap the Princess. You see, Morton's fish food was made with the slimiest, grossest Cheep Cheep you'd ever seen. It was downright toxic! And what did it do? Give everyone food poisoning, of course! But hey, at least it was affordable, am I right?

He had been selling Cheep Cheep fish food to the unsuspecting people of the Mushroom Kingdom for months. Bowser, the notorious villain, had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to kidnap Princess Peach and with the people of the kingdom weakened, his plan was almost foolproof.

The slogan of C.H.E.E.P. Inc. might as well have been "It's the Koopas' seafood processing plant. Affordable meals for everyone, even if it kills ya!" However, no one suspected a thing until people were getting sick left, right and centre.

That's when I stepped in. I mean, I couldn't let Peach get kidnapped again, could I? I knew something was fishy with Morton's operation so I did some digging. And boy, did I find some dirt!

I teamed up with Toadette and together we exposed Morton's true intentions. We infiltrated his factory and found Bowser's secret lair. We fought our way through waves of Koopa Troopas and even stomped on a few Goombas and Buzzy Beetles for good measure. In the end, we took down Morton and saved the day!

The people of the Mushroom Kingdom rejoiced as they finally had real food to eat without worrying about getting sick or being kidnapped. With Bowser's plans thwarted once again, they can rest easy knowing that I, Mario and my friends will always be there to protect them.

Morton? Well, he's in jail for his crimes but something tells me Bowser will be back with another evil plan. Hey, that's just another day in the life of me, Mario!

Studio KonKon
Composer, musician and educator