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We're working to bring something here soon \^_^/

It may take a while before any content ends up being posted here. Unfortunately, I don't get enough time right now but hopefully, with some support, I'll be able to update this section of the website with useful and interesting content.

My hope is to post some lessons, information and other kinds of content such as performance, composition, arranging, transcribing and so on; all that relate to music and playing the piano, not as a slavish professional but simply a lover of music.

Digitally Re-scored and rendered. Exported as individual tracks, mixed and mastered. Studio KonKon has a collection of Public Domain music reworked digitally that can be opened in modern notation software for editing, re-arranging and studying.
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What does 「ナイスパ」 mean?

「ナイスパ」 is a Japanese internet slang derived from 「ナイス・スーパーチャット」 (Nice Super Chat). It is used in YouTube live streams to express... Continue Reading

28 May 2024 By Studio KonKon
Section Japanese

Gojuuon by Kitahara Hakushu

水馬赤いな。ア、イ、ウ、エ、オ。 浮藻に小蝦もおよいでる。 柿の木、栗の木。カ、キ、ク、ケ、コ。 Continue Reading

27 Dec 2023 By Studio KonKon
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Terminus Transit: Larry's Failed Kidnapping Scheme

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14 Aug 2023 By Studio KonKon
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C.H.E.E.P. Foods Koopa Company

Morton, CEO of C.H.E.E.P. Inc. presents: Koopas' seafood processing plant. Affordable meals for everyone, even if it kills ya! Continue Reading

4 Jun 2023 By Studio KonKon
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Why are flowers beautiful?

For whom does the flower bloom? It is for no one. A flower blooms only because it is a flower. It is only by fulfilling the role... Continue Reading

25 Dec 2021 By Studio KonKon
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Super スタジオこんこん World

This Super World starts off with easy traditional levels in which players will get a feel of how she designs her wonderful level... Continue Reading

17 Nov 2020 By LunyRem
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